Glowing Garden Orbs

Glowing garden orbs to add some flare to your home garden. Basically these are LED light glowing garden orbs that you put in your lawn to look cool. They are a quality product and each of them is rechargeable and waterproof. A great item to throw in your pool or water feature at night when you are having a party.

Glowing Garden Orbs


  • Choose a color of set it to cycle. Colors include: white, red, green, yellow, orange or blue.
  • Multiple brightness settings available.
  • Roughly 10 hours of battery life.
  • It can be placed on the land or on water to float around, making it great for pools.

LED Light Pool Glow Balls


Amazon: None Available.

There are no reviews available on Amazon for this item as of yet, but it is in fact quite a nice quality item. Its sister item, which is a little larger, has received a review score of 5/5 but that was only after a single review. Basically the item is very nice constructed, and it should be for its cost, with a plug in charger to give it battery life and a very long lasting battery in it.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Outdoor LED Round Ball with Remote Control