Crystal DSLR Camera Model

Crystal DSLR Camera Model that you can use on your bookshelves as a bookend or place on your desk to look good. A great gift idea for photographers who make regular use of their DSLR cameras. Quite a cool and classy item that is very reasonably priced given it is real crystal and hand-made.

Crystal DSLR Camera Model


  • Made of real crystal.
  • Hand crafted item.
  • Replica of the Canon 7D, though 2/3 the size.


Crystal DSLR Camera Bookends

Amazon: 4.5/5

The item has received many positive reviews and is a generally positive item. The only issue some people have had is a debate about whether it is a Canon 7D or a laser 7X, but most people buying the item probably will not care that much though by all means I am not a photography nut so maybe I am off on that point. Simply put: the quality of the item itself is not in doubt at all, its good and looks as it does in the pictures.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Crystal DSLR Next to Others

Fotodiox Crystal DSLR Camera