Giant Bean Bag

Giant bean bag that a couple can lay on or an entire family can even sit on, making for quite a good piece of furniture all-in-all. Bean bags are generally seen as something quite like throw-away items but they are definitely growing in popularity as mainstay furniture items because they seem to rest somewhere between a chair and a bed.

Giant Purple Bean Bag


  • Comes in a variety of colors including: Black, Cocoa, Chocolate, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy, Camel, Charcoal, Olive and Cinnabar (which is a fancy way of saying red in my opinion).
  • Made of micro suede, whatever that is. Feels good I guess is the point!
  • Machine washable exterior as well, which is pretty cool because drinks will inevitably be spilled on it.


Amazon: 4/5

The truth is that this product really is the type of love it or hate it product. If you already love bean bags then this is a good one, but if you do not then this is not the one to sell it to you either. However, for families that like to be close to each other and watch movies and such this really is a very cool item. It is also great for couples and such as you can really fall asleep on it.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Giant Bean Bag Chair