Infinity Mirror Candle Box

Infinity Mirror Candle Holder

This box basically reflects the light from a candle back and forth repeatedly, creating the illusion that there are many candles that continue to infinity. It is a fun trick that can be a great item for your house as it is both gimmicky and yet not too kitchy.

Infinity Mirror Candle Box

It works on the very simple premise that the light bounces back and forth repeatedly, which is a trick you may have seen before in a hall of mirrors. It is entirely possible to make your own, but given that this costs about $20 it is basically cheaper to just buy it.


  • Stores a candle in it and creates a visual illusion using reflections.



The visual illusion this item creates is very nice, particularly in the dark or a black out. If you are a person who likes to turn the lights out and mediate or similar, this makes a great piece to have around. Its also not bad for parties and such.


While the design is functional and quite simplistic, it is also not much more than a rectangle all said and done. The construction is nice, but just a bit too simplistic for what it is really. Though this may in part be necessary in order for the illusion to function.


A nice product that works well and is quality made, if a bit too simplistic.

Product Name:

Magic Mirror Illusion Box Candle