Portal Companion Cube Plushie

Valve Portal Companion Cube

The companion cube from Portal in Plushie form. There are some great gaming plushie toys around and this is one of them. Perfect for the geeks and gamers out there and definitely a nice niche product.


  • Quality design.
  • Quite large, measuring 6 inches cubed (6″ x 6″ x 6″).
  • Officially licensed.

Our Review

Portal Companion Cube Plushie


The first clear positive of this item is the quality of its make. This is not a cheap, throw away item but rather has some real effort put into its construction. Its solid and really will last. Its nice when items have that extra bit of quality in the materials and their make so that they do not break so easily.

The other nice thing is that it is quite a large item for the price making it really stand out and pop when you place it somewhere in your room.

It is also a good accessory if you are dressing up as Chell for Halloween. Take the companion cube along with your Chell costume to add that last touch.


One of the negatives of this item is that it is not quite as soft as it might be. Basically the fabric, the weight and the design of it are a little on the obtrusive side of things. Furthermore, the edges have little bits of thread and such that stick out making it abrasive at times when it rubs against you. Not a major issue, but not quite soft and plushie in the way a teddy bear is.

The next negative with the item is that some of the textures are not matched up so well. For example if you look carefully you can see that some of the patches are not lined up well where there is a seam. This is partially caused by it being a complex design, partially by how it is bent and sitting but is also just how the item is. Its not a major negative really, but it is how it is.


A neat item that is great for gamers around the place, male or female, particularly those that like Portal. There are no real strong negatives of the item.

Product Name

Valve Portal Companion Cube