Tattoo Oven Mitt

Oven mitt with a neat Tattoo’d arm design that makes it look like the wearer’s arm can be seen through it. A cool little gimmicky item that makes a good oven mitt for the guys, or girls I guess as well if they want though the arm is obviously masculine. I think at least.

Oven Mitt with Tattoo Arm Design


Tattoo Oven Mitt

  • Polyester outer
  • Nylon inner
  • 8×13 inches in size


Amazon: 4/5

The item is just a typical, quality oven mitt with a fun design on the outside. Its well made but there is not so much to review beyond the design itself, which is high quality with very vibrant colors but the pictures kind of show that off already so let me just put it this way, “best oven mitt ever made, amazing materials, etc”. Well not really, but that sounds good right?

Product Name:

DCI Tattoo Oven Mitt