Lego Cutlery Set

Stack-able Lego Cutlery Set that is perfect for getting children to enjoy dinner. The set comes with a knife, fork and spoon each of which has a lego block handle that enables it to stack into the other pieces of cutlery. A novel idea and certainly a good one for getting children to take a bit more interest in dinner. Clever.

Lego Cutlery Set Stacked


  • Yellow block for the fork, blue block for the spoon and red block for the knife.
  • The blocks can be stacked against each other both for fun and for storage.
  • Great for children as the utensils are not too sharp.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Fits well in the hands of small children, toddlers, etc.

Lego Cutlery Set


Amazon: 5/5

There are some items around that are basically just perfect at doing what they set out to do and this is one of them. The item works exactly as you would expect it to. The blocks stack nicely against one another so are nice to play with and easy to stack away. They are dishwasher safe so clean up easily. The price for the quality is fair so there are no issues there. This is simply one of those items that basically sells itself pretty much based on its picture alone. Kids love them and the odd adult might even be a little bit jealous they do not have LEGO cutlery themselves.

Another good feature is that the handles are color coded which can help in getting young children to remember which piece of cutlery to use and when. Specifically good is that the knife has a red handle which can be good to help teach your children about the dangers of knives, certainly an important lesson. This item is simply a well designed, beautiful item worth buying.

As this item is simply such a great idea it is actually quite hard to write a negative review about it. On Amazon the lowest score it has gotten after 25 reviews is a four out of five. It really is just a nice item with basically little in the way of problems. If I were going to nitpick for the sake of balance I suppose the utensils themselves are quite small, which is kind of a negative but given the age group they are targeting it seems to be by design.

The short version is that this is a nice item for parents to use to encourage their children to eat or just more generally.

Overall: 5/5

Lego Cutlery

Product Name:

Snack and Stack