Final Fantasy Jewelry

Final Fantasy Jewelery can be a great present to buy for friends, loved ones or even yourself. Its fun in a gimmicky kind of way and can certainly be an attention grabber.

Squall’s Necklace

Squalls Necklace

Squall’s lion head necklace from Final Fantasy 8. In the game the name given to this figure is Griever and squall brief. At $10.19 it is a fairly good price and the item has received strongly positive reviews on Amazon. I think it is a little bit of a shame there is not a ring version around, though, as Squall gave a ring to Rinoa which she wore as a necklace.


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Cloud’s Fenrir armband

Cloud Strife Fenrir Armband

In the film Cloud does not actually wear anything on his wrist but rather has the wolf located on his chest/shoulder. Still not a bad item.


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Cloud’s Fenrir Ring

Cloud Fenrir Ring

 Another Cloud Strife item, this ring is of the wolf Fenrir that Cloud uses as a symbol.


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Tidus’ Necklace

Tidus Necklace

This is Tidus’ necklace from Final Fantasy X. It is a mixture of a T, for the first letter of his name, and a J, the first letter of his father Jecht’s name. It also is designed to resemble a fish-hook to invoke the oceanic settings of the game. Strangely, this necklace is advertised as being related to Final Fantasy X-2 when it is from Final Fantasy X. It works either way as a male or female necklace basically.


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Blue Save Crystal Necklace

 Final Fantasy Save Crystal Necklace

The old school Final Fantasy save crystals and one of the coolest Final fantasy necklaces.


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