iPhone 4 Case for Babies

iPhone 4 Case for Babies to play educational games on. A very strange idea but actually not such a bad one as many parents let their children play with their phones to some extent, this just adds a few layers of protection and also blocks off the home button so your baby cannot dial anyone. Its actually quite a clever idea really and of course as parents tend to use an iPhone babies and toddlers become obsessed with them.

iPhone 4 Case for Babies


  • Case optionally blocks off home button so your baby cannot dial anyone.
  • Somewhat waterproof and a splash guard protects against dribbles.
  • Durable, so the case is protected in the case of dropping or biting.
  • Also compatible with iPods.
  • Some apps are specifically designed for the product.


Amazon: 4/5

The first thing about this case is that it offers fantastic protection for your iPhone. Possibly better protection even than the Otterbox though it is hardly something you can fit in your pocket so it should be pretty good. It really just protects your phone very well from scratches and drops.

The next thing is that the designers of the case have thought about quite a few things carefully concerning how children will use the phone. Basically, you can insert the phone one way and block the home button or flip it vertically when inserting it to allow the home button to be accessible. The idea being you can prevent them from making calls while playing an App on your phone. Pretty simple yet clever design all-in-all.

The only true negative the device has is that sometimes when a movie or whatever is finished playing the phone shuts down. As such you have to take the phone out of the case to turn it back on and then play another movie. This issue is really is really more to do with how the iPhone itself works, but it is still a slight issue.

The short version: If your children play with your iPhone 4 and you are worried about it being damaged, buy it. Simple.

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case: iPhone