Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper

Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper featuring the groom driving a motorbike and the bride on the back. A great idea for a cycling couple or just for a fun wedding cake topper.

Motorbike Wedding Cake Topper


  • 5 inches tall and 5 and a half inches long.
  • Sign with just married on the back of the motorcycle.


Amazon: 4.5/5

The item is very detailed and quite well made with just the right mixture expressions and tone for a wedding. Fun, but classy enough and not silly.

There are a few negatives with the item but they are not so bad all-in-all. The first negative is that the item itself is quite heavy. While this is a good thing because it suggests quality, it can be an issue as the cake itself might not be able to support it. So far no one has reported the issue but it is still something that might happen.

The second negative with the item is that it really is not customization in any way. You cannot engrave onto it, at least not with any techniques I am aware of, because it is plastic. This really is a pretty typical issue for wedding cake toppers though.

The short version is that it is a nice item.

Overall: 4.5/5

Product Name:

Motorcycle Get-away Wedding Couple