Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker

Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker

Make old fashioned snow cones with this vintage-style snow cone maker that would look right at home in a 1960′s fair.


  • Shaves ice cubes into snow to make snow cones with in the old fashioned way.
  • A shelf at the front has some little holders that you can use to store the snow cones after they are made.
  • You then flavor the shaved ice with flavoring of your choice. Very much like an old style slurpy.



The main positive about this item is that it does make very nice snow cones for the quite low price. The old style snow cones are not quite as fine as slurpies from a 7/11 are, but they are still pretty good really and some seem to prefer them. If you really like the old style snow cones, this item makes snow cones that are a pretty close match to the old school snow cones. In fact its basically an identical match.

The second major positive is that it makes them quite quickly. An item like this that needs to shave ice and be affordable for a family could very easily take a very long time for a slightly difficult task. Ice is tough and hard to shave even with some pretty tough power tools, yet this item shaves ice cubes quite easily. Pretty impressive really given that you would need to pay the same price just to rent an industrial snow cone machine.


It is loud. Very loud. The reason for this is that it basically has to shave off bits of ice in order to get the ‘snow’ that you eat. Honestly, I don’t know how commercial versions of this item manage to be quieter but I suppose it has to do with some type of insulation. This item seems to lack much in the way of insulation so the sound of it buzzing against the ice can be quite loud.

The second negative is that some people have reported theirs failing to work not long after purchase. It is hard to say whether these were just defective units or not, but even so ideally there would be no defective units at all. This has apparently become such an issue that Amazon is not selling them at the time of writing, but I believe it will be resolved soon enough.


A very nice item that works well for the majority. Only real issue is that it is loud, though some people have reported more serious issues surely the item can be refunded.

Amazon: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Product Name:

Nostalgia Electrics SCM502 Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker