Snowball Maker

Snowball Maker that enables you to make snowballs without freezing your hands up. Its just a fun, gimmicky product but I guess it could be useful if you need to make a lot of snowballs for whatever reason you might have for wanting to do that without getting cold.

Snowball Maker

Personally I just added this item to the site because I thought it was kind of funny and absurd. If anyone can explain why you would want to buy this feel free to do so in the comment section as I guess there must be some legitimate use for it because at least 29 people have bought it from Amazon judging by the reviews.


  • Lightweight hard plastic material
  • Sturdy design


Amazon: 4/5

There really is not much to review when it comes to this product as it is just such as simple item. The people giving it low scores really just tended to have faulty versions of the product but given that it still got four stars out of five it would suggest that broken products were fairly uncommon. Another complaint was that the device tore the snowballs in half when it made them but its really only a fun, gimmicky item anyway.

Product Name:

Sno-Baller Snowball Maker; Colors May Vary