Twin Hearts iPhone 4 Case

Twin Hearts iPhone 4 case where each represents one half of a heart and perhaps the black and white represents Yin/Yang or masculine and feminine. A very cool idea for lovers, give one half to your love interest and you carry around one half of the heart each. Cool idea really and I am personally surprised more of them are not around.

Twin Hearts iPhone 4 Case


  • Stud rivets on the back in the shape of half a heart.
  • Includes a screen protector to keep your screen free of scratches.
  • Makes a great combined gift for loved ones, buy yourself one half.

Twin-Hearts Black Half iPhone Case


The case has a nice overall design but some people have reported little issues to do with the golden stud rivets being misaligned so the heart does not line up properly. This is a bit of a pedantic complaint overall and it still looks nice enough.

Overall: 3.5/5

Twin Hearts White Half iPhone Case

Product Name:

Twin Lover Heart Style iPhone Case