Wilson Castaway Volleyball

Castaway Wilson Volleyball

The official Wilson Volleyball from the Tom Hank’s film Castaway. This item has received amazingly positive reviews on Amazon, with an average of five out of five after 33 customer reviews.┬áThe cool thing is that this is an official Wilson volleyball as well, so not only does it serve as film prop and collectible but it is also a functional volleyball. So, if you need a friend, buy this Wilson Volleyball.


  • A very accurate replica of the volleyball from the film Cast Away, complete with Wilson hand-print painting.
  • Actually an official size and regulation volleyball.
  • May or may not have its own consciousness.



The item has received overwhelmingly positive reviews with an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Its basically an official Wilson volleyball with a print of the face of Wilson from the Tom Hank’s film Cast Away. For those that do not know the protagonist in the film gets stuck on an island and befriends a Wilson volleyball as his only friend to keep himself somewhat sane (debatable really if you are talking to a volleyball).


Its very hard to come up with any kind of negative for an item like this. It is a typical volleyball with a print of Wilson on it. I suppose the film Cast Away is getting a bit old now and so maybe a few people will not understand why you have a ball with a strange image of a bloody face.


A quality item that you can definitely use for playing Volleyball and yet has a nice comedy value tied in with it.

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Wilson Cast Away Volleyball