Bilbo Baggins Sword Sting

Bilbo’s sword ‘sting’ from the film The Hobbit. The blade itself is an expensive and detailed prop replica of the ancient elven blade that Bilbo Baggins finds in a troll horde.

Replica of Bilbo's Sword Sting from The Hobbit

The blade is also the same one that Frodo uses in Lord of the Rings, the one that glows blue when orcs are near. Funnily enough the Dwarves in The Hobbit explain to Bilbo that it is really more of a letter opener than a sword. The blade itself is found in a Troll Horde, basically a collection of items stolen by a group of three trolls and placed in a cave where they hide from the daylight which kills them.

Lord of the Rings Sting Glowing Blue

The design of the blade is elven, leading the Dwarves at first to reject taking them until Gandalf interjects. An interesting note here is that the Dwarves also bury some of the loot they find in the troll horde, the first suggestion of greed on their behalf. Furthermore, the sword Sting ceases glowing once Gollum kills an orc, suggesting to Bilbo that there might be more to Gollum and arugably leading to Bilbo’s pity for him.

Frodo's Sting Sword

In The Lord of The Rings the blade is given to Frodo by Bilbo in Rivendale when he sets out on his journey to destroy the One Ring.

Bilbo Baggins Sting Handle

This replica of the sword is really high quality, obviously a large part of the reason it is quite expensive. It captures every detail of the sword right just right.