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This ye olde style leather book case for the iPhone 4 and 4S is great for novel lovers and such. Its quite a nice protective case made of real leather and even lets you store bank cards and ID in it. It can probably replace most people’s wallets really. Very nice.

Its appearance is very much like novels from pre-1950 where they did not really have good printers so had to bind their books in leather. It really would make a great iPhone case for librarians, book lovers or even people that just want a cheap wallet case but do not like the high contrast colors.

For the price it is a fairly nice item, but then again I’m the one selling it so I would say that wouldn’t I?


  • Fits iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Handmade from genuine leather, a nice quality item.
  • It has a sleeve for your iPhone.
  • Additional sleeves for bank cards as well as a sleeve with a transparent cover for your photo ID.
  • Leather is PU leather, which is in all honesty not a great quality leather but it is alright.
  • Wraps around the entire phone to protect it.

Our Review

Leather Book iPhone 4 Case Closed


The first positive with this item is that it is a nice, quality, handmade, leather case. It has little stitches binding it together and just has a nice quality feel to it that is quite rare for any item under $20. It feels quite nice to hold, fits well enough in pockets and holds the iphone snugly. Sweet really.

The second positive is that it doubles as a wallet as well, so you can just have a single item instead of carrying your iPhone and Wallet separately. It certainly frees your hands and pockets up though there is a limit to how much it can store. If you have 2 bank cards and 1 photo ID or something like that this case would be great for you and probably could completely replace your wallet.

The final positive is that it offers some pretty good protection for your iPhone, even covering the screen. The flap that folds over protects the screen and the sleeve holds the iPhone inside quite tightly. I doubt it would protect the phone as well as cases such as the Otterbox or the UAG Composite Armor case, but I would not be surprised if it stands up quite well. Leather is after all a material that you can make armor out of and has the advantage of having a little bit of give to absorb shock.

It is simply a good case overall that seems heavily inspired by the higher quality Twelve South Leather book case.

Cheap Leather Book iPhone 4 Case


The biggest and clearest negative of the item is that there is no cut out for the camera so you have to take the iPhone out of the case in order to take photos. Not a big deal but if this problem were fixed the item would be quite a lot better.

The second issue is that the leather is not very high quality. Some people on Amazon have gotten irritated and argued that it is not real leather, but it actually is. Its quality of leather is typical of what you might find in a leather office chair or some couches. Not great quality, but not awful either.

The final negative is that there is a limit to how much you can store. Some people have reported that theirs began to break when they had 10 cards in it, but who has ten cards? Surely its about time for a bag or a purse if you really have that many cards.


A very nice leather wallet case for the iPhone 4 and 4S that is very competitively priced.

Product Name

Vintage Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4S