iKey iPhone Stand

iKey iPhone Stand

The iKey iPhone Stand fits on your key-ring and can be used as a stand for your iPhone. Neat little gadget really and very convenient.


  • Holds your iPhone up so you can watch it hands free.
  • The angles on the head of the key allow it to be used from different angles.
  • The gripper fits nicely around the phone, much like a wrench.
  • Specifically designed for iPhone 4 and 4S, but probably works for iPhone 5 as well.

iKey Key Ring iPhone Stand

Our Review:


The build quality of this item is pretty good really, though it is quite a simple item all said and done. It is a nice color that stands out against your other keys so it will not make it harder to find the ones you need. At the same time it is not very bulky so fits among them quite well.

It also fits very snugly against the iPhone 4 and 4s, holding them neatly in place so they do not rattle with loud sounds and such. Quite a neat addition to your key-chain really.


The major negative of this item is that it slips, letting your iPhone then fall. The slipping is particularly annoying really and were it somehow fixed this item would receive much more attention. When it is in place it typically does not slip, but getting it into a nice spot can be annoyingly tricky. Basically this is the Achilles heel of the item and outside of this there really are not many other negatives.

The other minor niggle is that the item is a bit costly for what is essentially a piece of plastic. I mean its basically a plastic key to hold your iPhone up and it mysteriously costs about $8. I am not sure whether this cost includes shipping or not, though, so if it does include shipping then it might not be so bad.


An alright item that fits nicely on your key-chain but could be refined further so that it does not slip when being used as a stand.

Product Name:

iKey iPhone Stand