iPhone 5 Battery Case

A detachable battery case for the iPhone 5 which basically gives the phone double its battery life.

iPhone 5 Battery Case

Basically, it is a case that plugs in at the bottom of the phone and otherwise wraps around it much as a normal case does. The case has the follow features:

  • Charging switch, to turn on or off the charge feature.
  • LED light battery level indicator
  • Cut-outs for the camera, buttons, etc.


  • Nice case design with that typical rubber feel to give it that slight, protective bounce.
  • Available in many colors
  • Does not turn on/off easily by accident


  • Small headphone jack
  • Wired synching can be disrupted by it.


Overall, the case is great for extending the life of your battery to last all day with little fuss involved and it works pretty much as stated. At a fairly low price of $69.95 it is not a bad buy really, but it is a pity it is not a touch cheaper. Under $50 would be nice.