iPhone Paper Pad

iPhone Paper Pad

The poor man’s iPhone is here. Use this iPhone paper pad to take notes and pretend you are using an iPhone.


  • Notepad made in the image of the iPhone 4S.
  • The description on Amazon reads “High Quality Paper” so it must be good!
  • Give these to your children for Christmas or their Birthdays if they ask for an iPhone. They’ll love it their new iPhone!

Our Review:

iPhone Memo Pad


The visual design of the item has no complaints about it and really is neat. At a glance it really does look like an iPhone 4S which is pretty cool really. Somehow they even made a great texture for the buttons that makes them look like they are 3D when the pad is completely flat.

The other simple positive with this item is that it is nice and cheap. Costing under $3 and more often than not under $2, so its not an expensive buy at all.


This notepad is not really the type that has the sticky adhesive along the top behind it, so you cannot really stick this to a notice board or a fridge. In some ways this is fairly common with notepads, but it would have been nice if it could function as a post-it note.

I suppose a secondary little negative of the item would be that the iPhone design takes up some room where it might otherwise be writable. Its not a big issue but really I guess it undermines its function as a notepad a little. Really, though, this is a novelty item that is just meant for fun.


A nice gag gift to buy someone instead of an iPhone, works alright as a notepad but it would have been nice if it were sticky.

Product Name:

iPhone 4S Paper Pad