Sandal iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 case made in the shape of a sandal, sometimes called a flip-flop or a thong. Overall a pretty unique and novel idea for an iPhone case, certainly one that people are unlikely to have. It always amazes me the sheer variety of novelty items that exist, and even though this idea is fairly simple it is something I just would not have come up with it at all personally. Ah the mind of a marketer! Yes, this is a must-have accessory by the way.

Sandal iPhone 4 Case


  • Made of rubber, silicone stuff.
  • Has the appropriate gaps for the camera, charger, etc.
  • Actually is kind of convenient because it gives something to hang onto.


Amazon: 5/5

A good item that does what it seems like it would do, but has nothing particularly special about it. Only issue is that it is hard to hit the power button with the case on, but by no means impossible. The color is certainly nice and looks just like int he picture. For a plastic product it really is nicely designed and the little foot print impression helps to make it clear to people seeing it discern what it is. Perfect iPhone case for beach lovers!

Really though, based on the picture you have already decided whether you are going to buy it or not haven’t you? It is what it is.

Overall: 5/5

Product Name:

Sky Blue Flip-flop Slippers TPU iPhone 4 Case Cover