LEGO iPhone 5 Case

LEGO iPhone 5 Case

LEGO iPhone 5 case that you can actually use in building stuff. It basically functions as a starting block and some people have even built stands for it out of LEGO which is downright awesome.


  • Officially licensed by LEGO so it will definitely fit together well with other LEGO pieces. You can actually use this with LEGO.
  • The case itself is manufactured by Belkin, a quality consumer electronic brand (I did not even know they made iPhone cases).
  • It wraps entirely around the iPhone, protecting the screen from scratches.
  • Outer frame is a flexible, rubber-like material that is easy to grip and which wraps quite easily over the phone.
  • Access to camera and ports is easy with it.


Single Lego iPhone 5 Case


As an officially licensed LEGO product it does have that base LEGO quality. It connects perfectly with standard LEGO blocks and you can use typical LEGO blocks to build cases, stands and the like for it. Certainly very cool idea that has quite a few neat practical uses on top of it all.

Obviously the main thing with this case is you can build things with it out of LEGO. Its surprising LEGO were not faster to the act with this type of thing because they have typically catered quite a bit to electronic enthusiasts. Basically it is the bulk of their adult LEGO customers.


The first negative to this item is that it is a hard plastic case. While hard plastic cases look good I really question how much protection they offer because the plastic does not offer much in the way of suspension.

The second main negative is that whenever you have a case like this with lots of little nooks in it cleaning becomes a bit difficult. As many parents probably know if you get food in LEGO blocks it can be more than a pain to clean it out, the same problem basically exists with this case.


A very interesting iPhone 5 case that has the practical function of being able to join with LEGO blocks to create whatever you can imagine.

Amazon: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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iPhone 5 LEGO Case