Purple Ballerina Phone Dust Plug

Ballerina Smartphone Dust Plug

Hanging Ballerina smartphone dust plug with a purple dress. This item is made of little crystals and dangles from the headphone port of smartphones such as iPhones.


  • The ballerina is decorated with little crystals as is the dangling chain. Quite nice really.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4s/5, iPods, HTC and Samsung items. Basically anything with a 3.5mm headphone port, which is the standard size and very common.
  • The idea with these items is to keep dust out of the audio port on iPhones and such, but its really more just decoration.

Our Review:

Purple Ballerina iPhone Dust Plug Unplugged


The item looks very beautiful and is the quintessential girly smartphone dust plug. The purple in particular stands out and looks quite spectacular.

The construction of the item is also quite impressive for its size and no doubt some testing has actually gone into it. If you look at it carefully you’ll notice that almost all the edges are curved, which means there is not anything to get caught on making it a particularly good dust plug. This is really the main area this type of item is prone to falter in so its nice that in this particular case the issue is non-existent.

It also seems to be in quite an authentic ballet pose, with the dancer’s arms in the fifth position as she stands on her toes. I admit I do not really know anything about ballet though so just learning enough to write that was a bit of an effort for me.

Purple Ballerina iPhone Dust Plug


The actual use of an item like this is a bit in question but the majority of people are surely buying it for its appearance. While dust does actually sometimes get into the headphone port of iPhones and the like, it really is not a major issue so you do not truly NEED a dust plug. Even when dust does get in there it typically is not that hard to get out really.

The other problem with items like this is that they can get caught on things or even just slip out over time and get lost. Its not a major problem really, but it can be an issue. This particular dust plug has the major benefit of being quite round in its general design so hopefully would not get caught so often, but it is still a problem. On the plus side it is not really an expensive loss.

The final issue is that this item can break. It is actually surprisingly tough and unlikely to break, which is definitely a good sign, but it is not invincible. The particular vulnerable piece is the purple petal skirt/dress thingy, but while I say it is the vulnerable part for some reason this item does not really break easily. It is just one of those items that is tougher than it really needs or even deserves to be. Who knows why really.


A wonderful looking dust plug perfect for any girl’s smartphone with very few real negatives.

Product Name:

Purple Ballerina Smartphone Dust Plug