Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme

Most Expensive Watch on Amazon

The Zenith Academy Tourbillion Quantieme is the most expensive watch available for purchase on Amazon. It costs an extravagant $166,320 after a 37 percent discount, which given the craftsmanship is actually a reasonable price. This is really a beautifully constructed item, its interior more closely resembling a small city of moving parts than a fashion accessory.


While at first glance the watch may not seem so impressive, it is its features that really sets it apart. Not just quality features, but also technically impressive ones. Herein I will explain some of the features that the watch has that really sets it apart.



A Tourbillion acts to counter the effect of gravity on the small parts of the inner watch. The idea is that it distributes the forces of the internal watch mechanisms so that they move in the shape of a globe. The idea is that because the forces move in such a way it does not matter how the watch is positioned because the effects of gravity will always be equal. There is some debate in Horology, the study of time devices, as to whether adding another device to the watch actually adds a greater degree of error than the effect of gravity, but none would refute that the Tourbillion is a beautiful design.


A Quantieme is a device that keeps track of the date and even the year. It takes into account the leap year in its calculation and is completely mechanical. The truth is that I do not know the full details of its construction but it is surely very complicated and adds to the immense sophistication of the watch.

Swiss Automatic

The watch also utilizes a Swiss Automatic movement, which basically means that the watch is kept wound by movements of the wearer’s arm. As such there is no need to actually wind it, it does this automatically through the normal movements of its wearer.


The case is crafted from incredibly high quality materials. The dial window is made from anti-reflective sapphire. The case metal itself is white gold and the band is of course leather.


This watch is so complicated and elegant that it really is a$166,320 watch. While it is completely beyond the reach of most potential buyers, as an item of beauty and a work of art there is some justification in buying it. The sheer complexity mixed with its outward simplicity and elegance is no doubt its largest draw.