iPhone Ball Bearing Maze Case

iPhone Ball Bearing Maze Case

Ball bearing maze case for the iPhone 5 that makes for a great distraction and thankfully works when your batteries grow dull. Basically on the back of your iPhone is one of those games where you have to guide the little metal ball around a maze until you get it to the end or the middle or whatever. A fun distraction and the colors, patterns and maze itself make for a very unique and interesting iPhone case.


  • Case for the iPhone 5.
  • Comes in multiple maze varieties.
  • The maze is so thin that it can fit comfortably against the iPhone.
  • Three different colors available.
  • Actually is a functional case that will protect your iPhone very well.

Our Review:


The lowest score anyone has given this item on Amazon at the time of writing is 4/5, which is a remarkable result. The main reason it has scored so well is because it is both a gimmicky case and a very effective case, with quite a few people reporting dropping their phone and their case protecting it. People have even bought and imported it to other countries.

It also has a really wonderful visual design with the maze game standing out among iPhone cases. The colors are very vibrant and the build of the case overall is sturdy. Aesthetically it is very pleasing looking quite unique, as though it is quality made and also very eye-catching with the patterns of the maze standing out vividly.


There is only one potential negative with the case and that is that apparently the clear element of the plastic can come off. When it does the ball bearing can then fall out and the game is basically ruined. The vast, vast majority of people have not had this issue and I find it a bit surprisingly that anyone has.


As a result of its quality, its aesthetic appeal, its inclusion of a fun little game and its fair price this item gets a perfect rating.

Product Name:

Puregear Gamer Case for iPhone 5