Knuckle Duster iPhone 4 Case

Knuckle Duster iPhone case perfect for fans of fist fighting, martial arts and gang street battles. Apparently Rihanna and Chris Brown also have one so I guess it has a popular value to it as well. Overall it is a nice looking, highly polished product and certainly a fun, gimmicky gift idea.

Knuckle Duster iPhone Case


  • Plastic with a metallic paint finish, these probably are not actually good to punch people with fools.
  • Little slots for ports and such.
  • Cheap, costing just over $2.


Amazon: 3.5/5

The only real issue with the case is that it is a bit finicky when putting your iPhone into it as it basically slots in. Aside from that it is a good item that also has ports for plugging in the charger and such, so you hardly need to take the phone out of it ever after initially putting it in. Given that the item costs just over $2, it is overall good value for money really.

This item is really just a gimmicky fun item so there is not so much to review.

Overall: 3.5/5

Product Name:

Knuckle Bumper Case for iPhone 4S / 4