Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

These Star Wars cookie cutters are great for parties and children’s birthdays. A must have for any Star Wars fan. They also come in Star Wars character molds such as Yoda.


  • It comes in a set of four for the price.
  • It includes one death star, one X-Wing, one Tie Fighter and one Millennium Falcon (Wow I knew all of these by heart, what a nerd).
  • First you shape the dough like one of the air vehicles and then you GENTLY press it in to stamp the design onto it.
  • Little handles on top allow for more precision.
  • Officially licensed quality product.

Our Review


This item has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. So much so that it is going to be hard coming up with negatives for the next section.  So where to start on reviewing a great item?

Firstly the cutters themselves are quite high quality. They last and last because they are made of nice sturdy materials. They have little handles on the top of them so that they can press into the dough nicely and be twisted slightly as you sometimes need to do in order to make a neat cut or to make the imprint properly. They also look exactly like the various Star Wars vehicles as well, which is nice.


This is a tough one because the item has received no negative reviews on Amazon or anywhere else from what I can tell. So with this in mind I guess I am going to try and come up with some negatives, but they will probably be reaching.

I guess one clear negative is that it is a bit costly for what it is. It is a few pieces of plastic shaped like Star Wars space fighters that happens to cost over $10. Surely it could have been cheaper for what it is but then again it is officially licensed so after Lucas and Company, Amazon and everyone else have taken their share I guess there probably is not that much left hence the price.


A very high quality item that is arguably a little expensive for what it is. I guess you pay for the quality, though.

Amazon: 5/5

Overall 5/5

Product Name:

Star Wars Press-and-Stamp Cookie Cutters