White Blood Cell Plushie

Plushie of a White Blood Cell perfect for biology and medical students as well as younger children. Its a fun, gimmicky soft toy molded […]

On/Off Mug

This heat sensitive mug changes its appearance and turns ‘on’ when it is heated up, say by hot water. A fun gimmicky thing to […]

Domo-Kun Lovers

Get this male and female Domo-Kun lovers combo kit! For those wondering what these are meant to be, they are based on the very […]

McLovin Fake ID

McLovin’s Fake ID from the movie Super Bad. This was one of the funnier parts of the film, as his ID not only has […]

Zombie Pet Collection

Zombie pet collection of ultimate power! Actually, just some zombie pet toys that you can buy for fun, but still a cool idea. There […]

Twitter Figure

The gift for the Twitter fanatics out there, perfect to place at the top of your computer screen to remind you that tweeting is […]

Male Remove Controller

Control your man with this remote controller designed for use on men. Includes a ‘shopping’ mode. To be completely fair, though, men do not […]

Tia Dalma Necklace

Tia Dalma’s necklace from the Pirates of the Caribbean series of movies. It symbolizes her attachment to the sea, with a crab in the shape of […]

Mouse Pointer Note Pad

Notepads shaped like cursors from the Windows operating system. More of a gimmicky gift but they have an added value of being usable as […]

Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation Logo

Candy Tin based on the Resident Evil movies and video games. The symbol on it is the logo of the Umbrella Corporation, which is […]

Red Blood Cell Plushie

Blood and soft toys together at last! Cute and educational, this red blood cell plushie combines two natural complements, blood and plushies, to make […]

Minecraft Creeper Figurine

A quality, official Minecraft Creeper figurine. These are the enemies in the Minecraft universe, essentially coming out at night time to attack you in […]

Coconut Bikini Top

I only included this item because it is so similar to the one Michael Scott bought Pam Beasley in the Office after returning from […]

Mock Academy Award

Mock academy awards you can give out to your friends or colleagues at a party. These can be a good Halloween party idea or […]

Pixel Wall Clock

A pixelated wall clock perfect for the geeks out there. The idea with these pixelated items is that they resemble old computer graphics, which […]

Don Draper Barbie Accessories

A barbie version of Mad Men’s enigmatic protagonist Don Draper. It was only a matter of time, but still a very strange idea for […]

E.coli Plushie

Deadly bacteria has never been so cute with this E. Coli Plushie. A cool gift idea for children, because of its mix of cuteness with educational […]

Temperature Sensitive Mug

This mug sleeps when its cold and wakes up when it gets warm. When you add your moring coffee, the heat from the mug […]

Health and Mana Potion Earrings

Girlfriend a Diablo fan? These Health and Mana Potion Earrings are styled after the potions from Diablo, though to be fair for some strange […]

Instructional Tie

For the men who cannot work out how to tie a tie, this one includes illustrated instructions on itself. Both a fashion and instructional […]

iphone fan

Keep cool with this iPhone fan that attaches to the base of your phone and is of course powered by it. Granted, it is […]

Domo-Kun Plushie

Plushie of Domo-Kun, the protagonist from the amazingly popular flash game Domo-Kun’s Angry Smashfest. The character is a one-note, aggressive thing but still the hero. […]

Titanic Necklace Replica

Quality replica of the necklace from the film Titanic, otherwise called ‘The Heart of the Ocean’. You may recall it as the necklace which […]

LED Gloves

LED gloves perfect for parties and just generally mucking around. The gloves have LED lights of three colors in each fingertip and also include […]

Fridge Locker

Keep your food away from thieves with this fridge locker. Set the combination, put your food inside and no one else can access it. […]



Pixel Sun Glasses

Check out these retro pixel sun glasses which are designed to look like graphics from old video games. The cool thing is that certain […]

Old Leather iPhone Book Case

iPhone older leather book cover styled case. The leather is authentic and this item generally sells for more. Its a cool concept for people […]

Time Magazine Mirror

Want to be on the front cover of Time Magazine but do not think you will make it? This novelty mirror is just for […]

USB Coffee Mug Warmer

Put your cup of coffee or tea on this mug warmer and it will keep your beverage warm. It plugs into the USB ports […]

Rearview Mirror Glasses

Glasses with rearview mirrors on the outer edge of each lens that allows you to see behind you. A fairly crazy idea overall, but […]


For the discerning bussiness man who needs to always be ready, this is a great product. Have you ever found yourself wondering how you […]

USB Heated Gloves

These fingerless gloves include an in-built heater that keeps your hands warm as you use your computer. This is actually a very, very clear […]

Super Mario Brothers Bowser Plushie

Plushie version of Bowser, the primary antagonist in the Super Mario Brothers series of games. Villains and evil characters always make the best plushies! […]



USB Fridge

Keep your drinks cold with this USB mini-fridge. It can only really store one can or a cup, but it is not intended to […]

Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Bill Clinton corkscrew that allows you to remove your wine corks and the like. The item really speaks for itself doesn’t it? Poor Bill […]

Pixel Heart Necklace

A necklace with a heart shaped pendant designed specifically to appear pixelated. For the she-nerds out there this is a cool little gimmicky product […]

iPhone Lazer Tag

This lazer tag system allows your iPhone. The iPhone app keeps track of your health, shield and score as well as displaying the trajectory […]

Jesus Toaster

Create your own miracle image of Jesus Christ with this toaster that imprints the image of the lord onto a piece of toast. Its […]

Touch-screen Rubiks Cube

A cool variation on an old idea, this touch screen rubik’s cube works similar to how touch screen phones and the like work. Drag […]

Scientific Formulas Mug

A mug decorated with some of the more famous scientific formulas. For the science and maths nerds out there this makes a great gift […]