Tornado Body Dryer

Hand dryer for your entire body! This body dryer system works in the same way hand dryers do except that it applies to your […]

iPhone Game Controller

iPhone game controller that plugs into your iPhone or Android 2.1+ mobile fine and can be used to play games. While the iPhone has […]

Oven Mitt with Tattoo Arm Design

Oven mitt with a neat Tattoo’d arm design that makes it look like the wearer’s arm can be seen through it. A cool little […]

Clip on Cup Holder

Clip this cup holder onto the side of a desk and you can put your coffee or whatever there, conveniently placed both off the […]

Flask With Shot Glass

A flask with built in shot glass that compacts itself into a little hole in the side of the flask. A very cool idea […]

Color Changing Umbrella

A great color changing umbrella with little white raindrops on the outside that change color when wet but are otherwise white. A very neat […]

Homer Simpson Skateboard

Homer Simpson Skateboard where the bottom looks like Homer from the hit television series. I’ll be honest here I simply do not really know […]

iPad Suction Mount

iPad Suction Mount to attach your iPad to car windows or walls. The iPad is a neat device but it is not always practical […]

Guitar USB Drive

Great little novelty guitar USB drive for music lovers out there. It attaches easily enough to your key chain and stores 4 GB of […]

USB Keyboard Remote

This USB multimedia keyboard remote presents the solution to the problem of computers increasingly entering our lounge rooms. With the Internet and sites such […]

Kiss Stamper

Rubber stamper in the shape of a pair of lips kissing that you can use to stamp on paper and such. A great and […]

Tetris Block lamp

This neat Tetris block Lamp is a great retro-geek style desk lamp. Basically, it is made of a series of blocks which can be […]

Caffeine Molecule Necklace

A necklace shaped like a caffeine molecule for the coffee lovers out there. This molecule, caffeine, basically mimics the molecular structure of adenonsine but […]

Single Lens Sunglasses

Single lens sunglasses quite like the ones used by Cyclops in the X-Men series of films. These are basically just novelty sunglasses but are […]

Keyboard Key Cups

Keyboard key cups designed like letters of a keyboard,┬áspecifically┬áthe ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ and ‘delete’ keys. They are a nice little idea and despite the gimmicky […]

Flexible Power Strip

The flexible power strip is a simply great idea that prevents items with large power blocks from preventing nearby outlets being clogged. Basically its […]

USB Cable Organizer

USB cable organizer to keep your cables organized and to prevent them from falling away when you unplug them, which is the real feature […]

Snowball Maker

Snowball Maker that enables you to make snowballs without freezing your hands up. Its just a fun, gimmicky product but I guess it could […]

Go Away Reversible Doormat

Reversible Doormat that reads ‘come in’ one way and ‘go away’ when inverted. Clever idea really and certainly a fun little gimmick. One way […]

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker really does it all when it comes to making breakfast sandwiches and muffins. It fries the egg, cooks the meat […]

iPhone Pulse Oximeter

iPhone Pulse Oximter that you can use to measure your pulse by plugging it into your iPhone. Its when I see little gadgets like […]

Transparent Chairs

Transparent chairs for your table that work well around a glass table. Due to their transparent nature they are given the name ‘ghost chairs’, […]

Wine Bra

The WineRack Wine Bra has to be one of the more unique inventions around. The short of it is that it is a bra […]

Electric Guitar Cheese Grater

Cheese greater styled in the image of an electric guitar so you can shred some cheese with it. A very cheesy concept but how […]

Collapsing Bookend

Funny Falling Books Bookend that features a man holding his hands up as the books are about to fall on him. A simple and […]



USB Heater

USB heater to help you keep warm while you work at your computer. These little ceramic heaters actually work very well, almost too well […]

Auto Turning Spaghetti Fork

Auto Turning Spaghetti Fork that automatically twirls the spaghetti for you so you do not have to bother. Guess the engineers just took this […]

Boxed Chocolate Umbrella

Boxed Chocolate Umbrella which features a images of assorted chocolates all over it. A great gift for the chocolate lovers out there and definitely […]

Fish Slippers

Fish Slippers made in a realistic image of a bass fish for your feet. They make a funny item for fishermen and the like […]

Cigarette Lighter Vacuum Cleaner

Cigarette lighter vacuum cleaner that can be used to vacuum your car and such and plugs into the cigarette lighter port. It comes with […]

LOL Stamper

LOL Stamper for stamping the word acronym ‘LOL’ onto stuff. Its just a typical, self-inking stamper that you can use to stamp with to […]

Floor Scrubbing Slippers

Floor scrubbing slippers so you can just walk around scrubbing your floors with your feet. A gimmicky but fun idea to help you keep […]

Solar Powered Glowing iPhone Case

Solar powered glowing iPhone case that absords light energy from the sun to generate its glow. Its basically a glow in the dark case […]



iPhone and Computer Keyboard

Keyboard for the iPhone that enables you to type quickly responding to messages and the like. One of the best things about it is […]

Oven Grip Rack

Tired of burning your fingers when you go to pull the oven trays out? This oven rack grips the edge of the trays and […]

Gaming Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Funny Gaming Groom Wedding Cake Topper that features a groom laying back playing video games on the night of his wedding and a naturally […]

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Steampunk USB Flash Drive that stores up to 8 GBs of data and operates at USB 2.0 speeds. Overall there is obviously nothing particularly […]

iPad Scanner

IPad scanner so you can scan images and upload them to your iPad conveniently. The main feature of this item is really its portability, […]

Arcade iPad Game

Arcade iPad game that you can insert your iPad into and use the buttons and joystick to play. This is a very retro, 80′s […]

Heart Egg Shaper

Heart Egg Shaper for your loved ones. Just put it in the cook pan and pour the egg inside, pretty simple idea really but […]