Personal Pizza Oven

Personal Pizza Oven for all your cooking needs. The Presto 03430 Pizzazz Pizza Oven is great for heating up your frozen pizzas or baking […]

Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Sick of soggy cereal? This clever bowl has a shallow end and a deep end for your cereal. You pour the milk in the […]

Designer Pixel Sunglasses

Designer pixel sunglasses for the geeks out there. These make a great item and actually do look really cool, at least in my opinion. […]

Automatic Open Trash Can

Automatically Opening Trash Can that uses a sensor to detect movement and automatically lift the lid so you can put trash in. A very […]

Hand Held Air Conditioner

Looking to stay cool? Try this hand held air conditioner, which also stands well enough on a desk to blow directly at you. Naturally, […]

USB Powered Humidifier

USB Powered Humidifier to fight the dryness in your office or bedroom. A simple but effective item, this plugs into the USB port of […]

Ask About My Ninja Disguise Shirt

Ask about my ninja disguise shirt is one of the better comedy shirts around. The idea behind it is simple: if someone asks you […]

iPhone 4 Giant Ear Case

Giant ear case for the iPhone 4, which is exactly what you want isn’t it? Clearly, a must have item for everyone with an […]

iPhone 5 Battery Case

A detachable battery case for the iPhone 5 which basically gives the phone double its battery life. Basically, it is a case that plugs in at […]

Boyfriend Pillow

Proxy Boyfriend Pillow for those lonely nights. Sleep with the arm wrapped around your back and your head against the chest. A clever and […]

MacBook Leather Book Case

Leather Book Case for your MacBook. Get this to cover your device and carry it around with you, often seeming quite inconspicuous. These come […]

Hollywood Slateboard Clapper

Hollywood style Slateboard Clapper for fun use or even serious use I guess, a pretty simple item overall. You’ll notice it also includes gaps […]

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock that shows the time as though it were money values on the board from the TV Game Show Wheel […]

Heart Shaped Wooden Spoon

This heart shaped wooden spoon is for the romantics out there. It is a very, very girly item obviously and features a little heart […]

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Replica

Replica of Marauder’s Map as seen in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The map is given to Harry by […]

Finger Cymblas

Buy these finger cymbals and play them as instruments by clapping your two fingers together. A fun little gag item that you can mess […]

Bullet Pen

An actual machine gun bullet from a 50 calibre rifle converted into a pen. The tip of the bullet serves as the pen’s end […]

Machine Gun Pen

Machine Gun Pen that makes sound effects and functions pretty much as a normal pen. Its basically just a novelty pen but makes a sound resembling […]

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost that I just had to add to my site after seeing the Ghost in the film Wreck It Ralph. […]

Flashing Lights Shot Glass

Flashing Lights Whiskey Glass perfect for parties and New Years events. Basically it is just a plastic cup with some LED lights in the […]

Birthday Girl Shot Glass Necklace

A shot glass necklace for the Birthday Girl. The idea is that when you are going out for your birthday you wear this necklace […]

Inflatable Toy Walker

An Inflatable Toy Walker that you can buy, definitely one of the strangest items you are likely to come across on Amazon. I mean, […]

Super Illusion Putty

Super Illusion Putty that reacts to light and changes colors. As you can see in the picture the red-ish purple glow i s caused […]

Gansta Rap Coloring Book Cover

Perfect item to teach your kids old-fashioned values, this Gangsta Rap Coloring Book basically has black outlines of rappers that you can color in. […]

Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear that weighs about five pounds, maybe the world’s largest commercial gummy bear. A fun little product that definitely gets attention. The […]



Flexible USB Inspection Camera

This neat Flexible USB Inspection Camera allows you to investigate in hard to see places by twisting and bending the camera, almost like how […]

mp3 Amp

MP3 Amp that you can plug into your iPhone or even your computer via a USB connection. The item is actually a fairly versatile speaker unit […]

Grass Drying Rack

Grass Drying Rack created by Boon that enables your bottles and glasses to fully drain out without tipping over. A great idea really. Basically […]

Tetris Post It Notes

Tetris Post It Notes where each set of notes is shaped like a block from the retro game Tetris. A great novelty idea sure […]

3 in 1 breakfast maker

3 in 1 Breakfast Maker to handle all your breakfast needs. A fun idea and good for those who don’t have much room. It includes […]

Mini USB Wireless Device

The smallest USB Wireless adapter available at the moment, this miniature device plugs into the USB port and the very small device then sticks out to […]

Giant Ear Model

A giant ear model for use by students studying physiology and subjects like that. Certainly a very unique item for Amazon and something people […]


This portable roll-A-Piano can be rolled up and taken with you, making it a good option for people that want to keep practising piano but do […]



Gangnam Style Figure

Gangnam Style figure for your desk set in the horse dance style pose from the song’s video clip. The figure is of PSY, the […]

USB Powered Mini Fan

A USB Powered Mini-Fan that is great for cooling you as you use your PC or even for cooling the PC itself. For example […]

Boss Decision Maker

This device is a decision maker for bosses featuring a variety of common funny ways bosses get out of things. Basically the middle of […]

Dragon Fake Tattoo Sleeve

A fake nylon tattoo sleeve with dragon patterns on it. I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy this to wear as a serious […]

Giant Gummy Worm

This giant gummy worm is about 2 feet long and weighs something like 3 pounds. A fun idea for children, though it definitely is […]

The One Ring Earrings

Earrings based around the One Ring from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. In the film this is the ring worn by Sauron […]

Thorin Oakenshield Key Necklace

Thorn Oakenshield’s Key Necklace  prop replica from the film The Hobbit. In the film Gandalf gives him this key to the Dwarf Thorin Oakenshield […]