LEGO iPhone 5 Case

LEGO iPhone 5 case that you can actually use in building stuff. It basically functions as a starting block and some people have even […]

Giant Purple Bean Bag

Giant bean bag that a couple can lay on or an entire family can even sit on, making for quite a good piece of […]

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

Glowing memo alarm cloak that you can write little letters to yourself and your family on to remind you of stuff. Great if you […]

NFL Helmet Snack Bowl

A snack bowl in the shape of an NFL Helmet that is perfect for entertaining guests while watching Football. People preparing for a major […]

Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty toaster that imprints little images of Hello Kitty onto the toasted bread. A really cool and fun item to make the most […]

iPhone Love Heart Dust Plug

Love heart dust plug for the iPhone 4/5 and any other smartphone that uses a 3.5 mm headphone jack such as the Galaxy. A […]

Color Change LED Light Kitchen Faucet

Color changing kitchen faucet that has a built in LED light with changing colors. It has a nice painted finish as well rendering it […]

Color Changing LED Shower Faucet

Shower Faucet with little LED lights in it that change color. The faucet itself is a wide faucet that mimicks the feeling of rainfall. […]

Composite Armor iPhone 5 Case

Composite armor iPhone 5 case perfect for athletes, adventurers and workers to protect their iPhone 5 with in extreme conditions. Not as bulky as […]

Touch Free Soap Dispenser

Touch free soap dispenser that automatically dispenses soap when you put your hand under it. Basically it has a sensor which detects whether your […]

Watermelon USB Stick

Watermelon USB stick in the shape of a slice of watermelon. 2 GB of disk space on it but anyone buying this is buying […]

Turtle iPhone Plug

Turtle iPhone Plug that goes in the 3.5 mm headphone jack of any smartphone, such as an iPhone. Basically it is a little statue […]

Pink iPhone 4 Hello Kitty Case

Pink Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case that may just be the girly-est iPhone case of all time. There is a little gap for the […]

Crystal DSLR Camera Model

Crystal DSLR Camera Model that you can use on your bookshelves as a bookend or place on your desk to look good. A great […]

Touch Free Sink

This touch free sink faucet automatically turns on when you draw your hand under it allowing you to wash your hands hygienically without touching […]

Knight Helmet Beanie

Knight helmet beanie that has a face guard that lowers over the mouth, keeping the wearer warm and looking like those helms worn by […]

iPhone Ball Bearing Maze Case

Ball bearing maze case for the iPhone 5 that makes for a great distraction and thankfully works when your batteries grow dull. Basically on […]

Minecraft Creeper Necklace

Necklace with a Creeper’s head pendant based on the creature from the game Minecraft. A very unique and funny idea perfect for fans of […]

Feminine Figure Shot Glasses

Feminine figure shot glasses that looks particularly impressive when filled with your drink of choice. While I think the idea with these is that […]

Starbucks Coffee iPhone Plug

Starbucks coffee iPhone plug that will plug into the headphone port of your iPhone and keep it free of dust. Mostly it just sits […]

Gollum Mask

Mask that makes the wearer look like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. It actually looks really close to what Gollum does and […]

Remote Control LED Candles

Remote Control LED Candles made of real wax but with a color changing LED light within it that can be activated and color changed […]

Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

Revolver shaped screwdriver that comes in this awesome pink-purple color. The cool thing is that it is a more than functional screwdriver with drill […]

Sandal iPhone 4 Case

iPhone 4 case made in the shape of a sandal, sometimes called a flip-flop or a thong. Overall a pretty unique and novel idea […]

Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug

Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug perfect for fans of Minecraft to take tot he office or use for their breakfast coffee. Great for adults and […]



Teddy Bear iPhone Plug

Teddy Bear plug for the headphone port of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Basically, it plugs into the port to keep it free of […]

Knuckle Duster iPhone Case

Knuckle Duster iPhone case perfect for fans of fist fighting, martial arts and gang street battles. Apparently Rihanna and Chris Brown also have one […]

Floating Bubble Chair

Floating bubble chair that looks great and makes for a wonderful, classy and eye-catching piece of furniture. A bit on the expensive side but […]

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light

Portal Wheatley Keychain Light based on the antagonist from the popular video game Portal 2. In the game Wheatley, pictured below, is basically your […]

Glowing LED Light Cups

Glowing LED light cup that can switch colors and even cycle through them. A really cool idea and quite impressive that they only cost […]

Apple Corer

Apple corer that helps you remove the core of the apple leaving just the fruit. It has a nice and comfortable handle as well […]

Minecraft Creeper Wallet

Minecraft Creeper wallet perfect for fans of the game Minecraft. The pixelated design on the wallet is basically the face of the most common […]

Black iPhone Bow Earphone Plugger

Black iPhone bow that plugs into the earphone port of your iPhone and sits atop it like a fashion accessory. Very fun item and […]



Clip on Pot Spoon Holder

clip on pot spoon holder that you attach to the edge of your pot while cooking to rest your spoon. A great idea because […]

Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft diamond earrings that are a precise replica of the image from Minecraft to scale. Each of them is about an inch and made […]

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case

Minecraft Creeper iPhone 5 Case perfect for fans of the video game Minecraft. In the game creepers are sort of the stock enemy that […]

Divided Head Bookends

Divided heads bookends with a nice polygonal design. A really nice and classy bookend idea for academic types who have a nice book collection. […]

Wine Purse

Wine Purse that you can put a wine bag into and carry around like a purse. There is nothing discrete about the item and […]

Herb Scissors Multi-Blade

Multi-Blade Herb Scissors that make it much more efficient to cut herbs for flavoring. Basically, its just a pair of scissors with multiple blades […]

Squeezable Egg Yolk Cracker

Use this squeezable egg yolk extractor that lets you suck up the yolk of eggs for cooking and such. Basically, you crack the egg […]