Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Sick of soggy cereal? This clever bowl has a shallow end and a deep end for your cereal. You pour the milk in the […]

Designer Pixel Sunglasses

Designer pixel sunglasses for the geeks out there. These make a great item and actually do look really cool, at least in my opinion. […]

Automatic Open Trash Can

Automatically Opening Trash Can that uses a sensor to detect movement and automatically lift the lid so you can put trash in. A very […]

Hand Held Air Conditioner

Looking to stay cool? Try this hand held air conditioner, which also stands well enough on a desk to blow directly at you. Naturally, […]

USB Powered Humidifier

USB Powered Humidifier to fight the dryness in your office or bedroom. A simple but effective item, this plugs into the USB port of […]

Ask About My Ninja Disguise Shirt

Ask about my ninja disguise shirt is one of the better comedy shirts around. The idea behind it is simple: if someone asks you […]

iPhone 4 Giant Ear Case

Giant ear case for the iPhone 4, which is exactly what you want isn’t it? Clearly, a must have item for everyone with an […]

iPhone 5 Battery Case

A detachable battery case for the iPhone 5 which basically gives the phone double its battery life. Basically, it is a case that plugs in at […]

Boyfriend Pillow

Proxy Boyfriend Pillow for those lonely nights. Sleep with the arm wrapped around your back and your head against the chest. A clever and […]

MacBook Leather Book Case

Leather Book Case for your MacBook. Get this to cover your device and carry it around with you, often seeming quite inconspicuous. These come […]

Hollywood Slateboard Clapper

Hollywood style Slateboard Clapper for fun use or even serious use I guess, a pretty simple item overall. You’ll notice it also includes gaps […]

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock

Wheel of Fortune Wall Clock that shows the time as though it were money values on the board from the TV Game Show Wheel […]

Heart Shaped Wooden Spoon

This heart shaped wooden spoon is for the romantics out there. It is a very, very girly item obviously and features a little heart […]

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Replica

Replica of Marauder’s Map as seen in the film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The map is given to Harry by […]

Finger Cymblas

Buy these finger cymbals and play them as instruments by clapping your two fingers together. A fun little gag item that you can mess […]

Bullet Pen

An actual machine gun bullet from a 50 calibre rifle converted into a pen. The tip of the bullet serves as the pen’s end […]

Machine Gun Pen

Machine Gun Pen that makes sound effects and functions pretty much as a normal pen. Its basically just a novelty pen but makes a sound resembling […]

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost

Wind Up Pacman and Ghost that I just had to add to my site after seeing the Ghost in the film Wreck It Ralph. […]

Flashing Lights Shot Glass

Flashing Lights Whiskey Glass perfect for parties and New Years events. Basically it is just a plastic cup with some LED lights in the […]

Birthday Girl Shot Glass Necklace

A shot glass necklace for the Birthday Girl. The idea is that when you are going out for your birthday you wear this necklace […]

Inflatable Toy Walker

An Inflatable Toy Walker that you can buy, definitely one of the strangest items you are likely to come across on Amazon. I mean, […]

Super Illusion Putty

Super Illusion Putty that reacts to light and changes colors. As you can see in the picture the red-ish purple glow i s caused […]

Gansta Rap Coloring Book Cover

Perfect item to teach your kids old-fashioned values, this Gangsta Rap Coloring Book basically has black outlines of rappers that you can color in. […]

Giant Gummy Bear

Giant Gummy Bear that weighs about five pounds, maybe the world’s largest commercial gummy bear. A fun little product that definitely gets attention. The […]

Flexible USB Inspection Camera

This neat Flexible USB Inspection Camera allows you to investigate in hard to see places by twisting and bending the camera, almost like how […]



mp3 Amp

MP3 Amp that you can plug into your iPhone or even your computer via a USB connection. The item is actually a fairly versatile speaker unit […]

Grass Drying Rack

Grass Drying Rack created by Boon that enables your bottles and glasses to fully drain out without tipping over. A great idea really. Basically […]

Tetris Post It Notes

Tetris Post It Notes where each set of notes is shaped like a block from the retro game Tetris. A great novelty idea sure […]

3 in 1 breakfast maker

3 in 1 Breakfast Maker to handle all your breakfast needs. A fun idea and good for those who don’t have much room. It includes […]

Mini USB Wireless Device

The smallest USB Wireless adapter available at the moment, this miniature device plugs into the USB port and the very small device then sticks out to […]

Giant Ear Model

A giant ear model for use by students studying physiology and subjects like that. Certainly a very unique item for Amazon and something people […]


This portable roll-A-Piano can be rolled up and taken with you, making it a good option for people that want to keep practising piano but do […]

Gangnam Style Figure

Gangnam Style figure for your desk set in the horse dance style pose from the song’s video clip. The figure is of PSY, the […]



USB Powered Mini Fan

A USB Powered Mini-Fan that is great for cooling you as you use your PC or even for cooling the PC itself. For example […]

Boss Decision Maker

This device is a decision maker for bosses featuring a variety of common funny ways bosses get out of things. Basically the middle of […]

Dragon Fake Tattoo Sleeve

A fake nylon tattoo sleeve with dragon patterns on it. I honestly don’t know why anyone would buy this to wear as a serious […]

Giant Gummy Worm

This giant gummy worm is about 2 feet long and weighs something like 3 pounds. A fun idea for children, though it definitely is […]

The One Ring Earrings

Earrings based around the One Ring from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. In the film this is the ring worn by Sauron […]

Thorin Oakenshield Key Necklace

Thorn Oakenshield’s Key Necklace  prop replica from the film The Hobbit. In the film Gandalf gives him this key to the Dwarf Thorin Oakenshield […]

Easter Island Maoi Stone Heads Ice Cube Tray

These great ice cubes are shaped to resemble the Moai stone heads of Easter Island. The local people of the island built this stones […]